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Best Access to US Stock Investments

Best Access to US Stock Investments

Grow your wealth by investing in top-quality US stocks, such as Apple stock, Tesla stock, and Google stock, or the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 micro e-mini index futures. Maximize your opportunity to gain with 2x Leverage.

*Pluang US Stocks is powered by PT PG Berjangka, which is licensed and regulated by Bappebti.

Today’s Top Gainers

Check out the top 8 companies with the biggest gains in the US stock market today.

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    BlackBerry Limited

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    Rivian Automotive, Inc.

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    Tesla, Inc.

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    Novavax Inc

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    Coinbase Global, Inc.

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    Grab Holdings Ltd.

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    Moderna, Inc.

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    Shopify Inc.


The benefits of US Stock investing at Pluang

Investing in US Stocks, Leverage and Index Futures on Pluang is simple, safe, and secure!


Safe and secure investing

Pluang US Stocks is powered by PT PG Berjangka which is officially licensed under Bappebti and guaranteed by Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (KBI).

Fraction Price

Start small and go big

Start investing in your favorite US companies from Rp5.000!


Earn dividends from your investments

You can earn dividends from top US companies, so it’s more than just stock trading!


Earn more with Leverage

Increase your buying power and double your return from trades.

See how much your investments can grow

Calculate your estimated investment value and return based on the product you choose.

Select Product

Choose the company you want to invest in

Initial Investment

Place your starting investment amount and select the investment period


1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


5 Year


*These results are estimates based on past performance. The actual values may be different based on future performance.

**Pluang US Stocks is powered by PT PG Berjangka, which is licensed and regulated by Bappebti.

Last updated Wed Mar 29 2023

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    Start investing in 3 steps

    Create Account

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    Start investing in 3 steps

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  • Start investing in 3 steps


    Start investing in 3 steps

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What our users are saying about investing in US stocks at Pluang

  • Kelebihan Pluang tuh sekarang udah ada fitur Take Profit dan Stop Loss (Exit Strategy). Jadi, investasi saham Amerika bisa lebih santai. Gak perlu dipantengin terus!



  • Tampilan fitur Saham AS di Pluang mudah dimengerti, jadi enak untuk belajar jual beli Saham AS yang awalnya asing buat saya. Fitur Stop Loss dan Take Profitnya juga sangat membantu. Dijamin aman juga dari Bappebti.


    Dr. Frans Lazio

  • Investasi saham AS menurut saya untungnya double, untung dari kenaikan harga sahamnya dan kenaikan dollarnya. Saya rutin investasi di Pluang apalagi beritanya juga update terus.



Learn more about investing in US Stocks at Pluang

Yes, it is. US Stocks risk is managed by PT PG Berjangka which is licensed by Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi (BAPPEBTI), and your investment is guaranteed by JFX (Jakarta Futures Exchange) and Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (KBI)

The US Stocks market is usually open from Monday to Friday from 21:30 - 04:00 WIB, or 20:30 - 03:00 WIB during Daylight Saving except for US public holidays. The next Daylight Saving is scheduled to begin on March 13, 2022 and ends on November 6, 2022.

Yes, you are eligible to receive dividend payment if and when the company pays them on one condition: the amount of dividend received should be at least $0.01

Pluang enables access to US Stocks under the Channeling of Order to Foreign Future Exchanges (PALN) license from Bappebti. Through this license, you are allowed to safely and legally invest in US Stocks. When you transact US Stocks in Pluang, Pluang will channel the transaction to a FINRA licensed broker in the US.

Trading using leverage means you only have to spend a fraction of your own fund to execute a transaction. For example AAPL is trading at $100/share and you would like to purchase 1 share of AAPL using 2x leverage. This would mean that you'll only need to spend $50 to purchase 1 share of AAPL.

We're charging 12% annually if you keep the stocks overnight, includes Saturday and Sunday. That would mean, only 0.033% a day! In the case where you have 1 share of AAPL that's worth $100/share, you're only paying $0.04 per day.

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