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Introducing Pluang Cuan!

Earn up to 3.5% APY on your BTC and ETH with Pluang Cuan. Easy, Simple, and Flexible!

Why Pluang Cuan?

You can earn more BTC and ETH just by joining Pluang Cuan! Let your assets grow more.

With interest up to 3.5% APY

Let Pluang Cuan work on your digital assets

Earn passive income effortlessly

Sleep while getting Pluang Cuan work for you!

Flexible and earn daily

No need to lock your asset, get the yield daily, and you can payout anytime!

Pluang Cuan Simulation

See how much you will get from Pluang Cuan

How much you’ll earn

5 Year Projection

Price Appreciation without Yield

Pluang Cuan Yield + Price Appreciation

Crypto Asset to be calculated

Input your initial investment


Simulation Result


Yield (BTC)

Yield (IDR)*

Steps to Start Getting Yield from Pluang Cuan

pluang crypto

1. Open Bitcoin or Ethereum page in Pluang App, then click Pluang Cuan

pluang crypto

2. Try to simulate Pluang Cuan with the provided calculator to see how much you may get from Pluang Cuan!

pluang crypto

3. Once you are done with simulation, you will arrive at Pluang Cuan page, click Join Pluang Cuan

pluang crypto

4. Congratulations! You have now officially joined Pluang Cuan. If you meet the requirement, you will start getting the yield everyday!

Things you should know about Pluang Cuan

Pluang Cuan is a Crypto Earn program where you get interest from your crypto balance. The interest yield is paid-out everyday, and there is no need to lock your asset in Pluang Cuan. You may also do withdrawal anytime.

The coins available for Pluang Cuan currently are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

To start receiving yield, you need to meet the minimum amount required below. There are 2 tiers of Pluang Cuan yield for each BTC and ETH.


  • 0.0005 - 0.005 BTC receives yield 2% APY
  • > 0.005 BTC receives yield 3.5% APY


  • 0.01 - 0.1 ETH receives yield 2% APY
  • > 0.1 ETH receives yield 3.5% APY

Pluang Cuan will always work on getting you the best maximum yield by growing your assets in secure and safe yield providers.

You will receive the yield every day. The calculated yield will be added to your crypto balance every day at 22:00 WIB. Keep in mind that you will only receive the yield if you still have sufficient Crypto Asset balance the same day at 07:00 WIB.

Open Bitcoin or Ethereum page in Pluan App then click Pluang Cuan. Do the simulation to see how much you`ll earn from Pluang Cuan. After you agree to the terms and conditions, you will be automatically subscribed to Pluang Cuan.

Make sure that your crypto balance reach or is above the minimum balance requirement. If it`s not, you can first buy BTC or ETH. After that, you can just wait for the yield to be credited to your balance every night at 22:00 WIB.

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