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Things you should know about Crypto Asset prices

Crypto Assets prices are reflective of the current supply and demand trends for that digital asset. If buying pressure in the market outweighs selling pressure, the price will rise. Similarly, when sellers outnumber buyers, the price falls.

Unlike fiat currencies, many Crypto Assets, such as BTC, often have a fixed total supply. Since price is related to supply and demand, a fixed or limited supply can also affect the price of an asset by making it more rare.

A Crypto Asset`s market capitalization, or market cap, is calculated by multiplying its circulating supply by its current price at any given moment.

The 24h % price change is calculated by the following formula.

24h % price change = (Current price - Price 24h before) / Price 24h before * 100%

The 24h % price change is changing all the time as the Crypto market is online continually.

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